Saturday, 15 January 2011

A new chapter...

...A new camera.
It seems like a long time past since I bought my very first camera. A compact Sony Cybershot, 4mp, silver. How I look back now and laugh but it served me well until unfortunately meeting its sticky demise to a leaking bottle of squash in my bag, but thats pushing 4 years ago. My next camera was again a Sony Cybershot however fear not, it is still alive and well. With 15x optical zoom, 8mp and remote trigger supplied it got me through my A Levels though admittedly I did borrow the school Pentax DSLRs occasionally. For what it was it was a good camera but it was limited in what it could do and so now sits on the shelf as for the past year I have borrowed a Nikon D90.
I can now say I have my first 'proper' DSLR camera. This Christmas I declared war on my savings and bought myself a 7D. Broken piggy banks now lay shattered and ruined as together with the body I have also bought a 70-200mm f2.8 vr and 35mm f2 lens. Needless to say I can't wait to use it properly and am really pleased (but also really broke!). Here is a few test images mostly with the 35mm but I have been to Slimbridge recently to test the 200mm.

My focusing is a little off on this above image as the eye should be in sharp focus, still getting used to the camera. One image I have wanted for a long time was a tight crop close up of a drake smew and this is what I hoped to achieve however I never bargained on them being as small as I discovered they were. Having never seen one before I presumed they would be the size of a goosander so getting close up enough was more difficult.
The 35mm lens focuses down to a distance of 25cm which is handy for getting some interesting close up shots.