Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Spot on

I visited Leighton Moss at the beginning of this week to capture more film for my final video project. A blinding couple of days as I happened to spot some cracking little birds too.
-a Greenshank from the first hide I entered
-Clear views of 2 marsh harriers
-Gadwall from the next hide
-Male and female Bearded tits 'gritting' from trays put out for them. Excellent
-a handful of Marsh tits around the reserve. Some really close views
-a Nuthatch
-2 Snipe close to the hide, surprisingly exposed, very nice
-Peregrine that dived a few waders but was unsuccessful
-Song Thrush, the first I've seen for quite a while which is a little worrying, population counts aren't looking as sharp as they used to
-First flocks of Fieldfare for this winter

Objective A and objective B of footage I was after capturing both unfortunately hit the dirt. The wind kicked up during the evening I was to try filming the starling roost so blowing the starlings away with it and shots of Bearded tits, objective B, would have basically been a bird on a tray, riveting stuff or what...

No images I'm afraid but I've been meaning to post this image at some point...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

These shadows

Each year I come back renewed, empowered for a time. New knowledge, new skills, new outlooks. These days I wear a different shadow. I freely admit where I am going I still do not know. One more year of uni is all that remains. I await the final curtain. One last breath in the cold night air. Exhilarated. Alive...unknown. The end goal is not a whim...we have a responsibility to influence, this chance I will take.

These images were taken during a visit to a farm in search of barn owls during my summer.