Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Gambian experience

Let me begin by saying I'm fairly disappointed in myself when I consider for what was 2 weeks worth of my visit having only come away with one or two images I am pleased with simply because I didn't take as many images as I should have for one reason or another. However on a better note please enjoy the following images I have managed to produce and despite my lack of photographic material the learning experience of the Gambia was as amazing and rich as its wildlife.

'Decaying worlds'

'Two Beach Scavegers'

'The mighty travelers'

'Green vervet monkey'

'Spotted hyena-Animal orphanage'

'The Vulture tree'

'Shadowed hunter'

'African grey hornbill in protected forest'

'Curiosity and contemplation'

'Twisted tree'

'One tree to rule them all'

'Mangrove reflections'

'Forest flower'

'Caution- Do not feed the monkeys'