Thursday, 17 March 2011

Animal portraits- Visit to the Zoo

A very good day yesterday at the North Lakes Animal Park with our group and the first years.
My favourite image of them all (above) I really like the simplicity and catch light in the eyes.
Detail and texture, its all about the skin for rinos so I wanted to ilustrate the earthyness, the cracks and skin tones.

I was very lucky to get this shot (above) they were moving around allot and the youngster was rarely in good view with the mother constantly keeping him so close.

I got low to the ground to accentuate the blurred background. It may look stuffed but they are real little characters.
A heavy crop for another nice portrait above.

These extravagant peacocks were busy displaying all day which was great.
These two storks were busy nest building and courtship laugh bonding. I didn't quite get good images of the display gesturing but I think this image has a good strong composition.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Snow drops...again...

All taken with a 35mm lens. I used a mixture of f3.2 for very shallow depths of field and f8 in the cases where I wanted to imply more form to the background. Being able to come away from a shoot with many different types of shot as a kind of portfolio is very useful and I think considering I just stopped to take some picture I'm quite happy with what I came away with.