Monday, 31 May 2010

This is an image taken in the uni kitchen today. It came out better than expected seeing as I never had a macro lens and in order to get focus as the Sigma 120-400mm lenses don't focus at this sort of close range I had to use the full 400mm length. I wasn't after or indeed expecting any results, the subject was smacking itself against the window so I just thought I'd see what I could take. Maybe if I'd cleaned the glass I might have been able to get a shot that appeared to have taken the wasp in mid air flight. Now that would be jammy, its takes practice to photograph birds in flight let alone track a wasp. The thing is maybe if more people looked at wasps or even photographs rather than just scream at them they might be more appreciated. Compositionally its very similar to the puffin picture which is interesting and I'll have to think about.

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