Saturday, 28 April 2012

The last go around

Well here we are. I started this blog to document my progression as a naturalist and photographer whilst studying at university. Now, with my last assignment handed in, I find it has achieved what I set out to do. I woke up this morning and just lay there, the full gravity beginning to finally sink in. The film I have spent months working on is finally done and dusted. It took so much of my time that there was always something to do. It's a strange feeling, idling for time.
I decided I would explore some more of the area around Penrith whilst I had the chance. There's always so many places to explore. I wish I'd have explored more from the start. But, even if I did I'd probably still be saying the same thing right now. I have however seen so much and done so much, its been great.
I set off for somewhere new. Where was easy, a fellow bloggers timing was perfect. No hanging around, no if's or but's, just grab a map, bang, I'm going here and out the door. The way it should be done.
Wheatear on the top
(record shot)

The wood was certainly alive. The bluebells are almost carpeting in full bloom now. I hope you enjoy'd the sound recording. Thanks for following.

P.S. This is not the end of this blog. I won't stop posting any time soon. I have plans, places to go, photography to improve and images to capture, don't you worry.

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