Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Secrets and Treasures- Part 2

So to pick up where I left off, here we are in Silverdale for a few days where we hoped to uncover and explore the beauty of this place and it's rich wildlife.
Not more than fifteen minutes from getting off the train on our way to Eaves Wood and we were stopped in our tracks at the amazing sound emanating from the branches of this holly tree. The drone of hundreds of wings that came from within the tree sounded like an entire wasp nest or bee hive. The volume of sound was the thing that struck us. The trees pollen rich blooms were obviously extremely productive. On this warm day the insect were out in force. Truly an unexpected surprise to hear and enjoy. (P.s, Apologies for the recording being slightly quiet.)

The disused quarry above Eaves Wood offered another experience. This time like a small slice of dry american wilderness in scale and dusty atmosphere. Nesting raven and jackdaws could be heard. The call of a Peregrine alerted us to its presence but we failed to locate it.

Soft evening light falls on the coast looking towards Arnside on the second evening of our travels. I'm pleased with this image. Its a great coastline to explore. Turnstone, Curlew, Shell duck and numerous oystercatchers were noted.

A couple more from the garlic wood. It's quite hard to capture the scale and direct the eye to parts of the image without appearing too cluttered.

The main objective was to explore and so images of everywhere we went were not all photographed. Highlights of the trip included: Marsh Harrier, Willow Tit, Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler, Black cap, Avocet + chicks, Little egret, four Otters, Little grebe, Great crested grebe, Bullfinch, Nuthatch, Tree creeper, Raven, Peregrine, Skylark, Pochard, Pure white Greylag, Pink-footed Goose (presumed injured, Leighton Moss), Red Deer, Roe Deer, Lapwing, Wheatear 

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