Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I have just bought and received a new bag hide for all my wildlifing needs but its been a bit of a cloudy miserable day of late. I opted for the waterproofed version in advantage timber and I will update you on how I am getting on with it as and when I get the chance to use it, obviously with a few demo shots. The plan is that it will hopefully allow me to take more natural looking images as I am conscious that even the dipper in my previous entry tolerated but remained nervous of my presence. Hopeful subjects include hare, badger, dippers, deer, kingfishers and maybe a fox if I can find one (all the usuals basically). I was told that it takes time to learn to use a tripod efficiently and effectively however I still haven't got into the habit of always using one and so these two steps, using a tripod, which is part of the setup and being able to get closer to the subject than I have done before might make allot if not all the difference. We shall see.

Today I also watched an adult Pied Wagtail feeding a single juvenile. It was interesting that the young one followed the adult around waiting for food when usually even when fledged the adults for example Robins and Blue Tits find and feed the chicks from safety (as far as I have seen). Perhaps it was just reluctant to leave yet it wasn't collecting any supplementary food itself as in it relied an the adult alone to run around collecting and feeding it invertebrates. It also occurred to me that I hadn't seen Pied Wagtails on campus for at least a month or two when before you were almost always guarantied to see one near or on the building opposite and so I presume they must keep a very low profile when nesting.

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