Sunday, 20 June 2010

Oh so close....oh so ridiculously close....

I had a tripod set up ready and waiting for a gull to settle on the water in range of the hide. The sun was low casting its early morning light. They were restless and those that did land never hung around in the water for long. I tried to capture a few reflections as they flew low over the water whilst the rich orange hue of sunlight made their wing tips translucent but no such luck. Two gulls, presumably a pair so it seemed caught my eye in front of me. One in the water whilst the other was well placed behind the first as you can see. I knew what I wanted to capture and so framed up and waited for the shot...this time it seems it got away by a whisker. The shutter speed could have been a little faster to completely freeze the water but the light glistens through it beautifully. You can even see the water droplets on the individual feathers of the gull disappearing out of shot. Gutter.

As I photographed the gulls a group of mallards swam by. The moment only presented itself for but a few seconds before it was lost and so it was one of those 'grab the money and run' type shots where decisions are made instantaneously. The water wasn't exactly crystal for this type of shot however it is useable.

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