Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bursts and blasts of autumn colour

The old zoom-slow shutter trick
Isolating a few trees by using a shallow depth of field

During October I found a large fallen beach tree that hosted such a range of different fungi it was ridiculous. I had really intended going back sooner than today with my camera. I went back today anyway to check if any were still present. This autumn has been particularly mild and not all fungus end their cycle by the end of October however I found nothing much bar bracket fungus on my re-visit. Autumn colours are at their peak at the moment however so I didn't want to miss out on trying to capture the autumn spectacle. Can you think of a more vibrant time to try out some slow shutter shots too. This beach wood was looking brilliant and the sight and sound of dippers singing on the river running through the wood, magic.

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