Thursday, 10 November 2011

Why aren't there more sound recordists?

Wildlife photography has taken off in popularity like a rocket in recent years. Film making, not so much. Perhaps in the not to distant future it might go the same way photography has done. There is however one past time I have barely heard mentioned. Sound recording is a bit like a drummer in a band, typically underrated, playing second fiddle, the guy at the back. Chris Watson, for those who haven't heard of him, has in my mind begun to change these tides slightly. Still, I am aware of no one myself, who I know, that practices the art of wildlife sound recording.
Many beginning film makers acknowledge that good quality sound is important but somehow sound remains an after thought because after all, that's what the music track is for right?? problem solved.
I have to say, the last time I saw a blog with an audio post only was never. This is not to say that nobody does. Spring/Autumnwatch have been sent a few I believe, how many were mobile phone recordings I wonder. I will admit good information material on sound recording is small compared with the reams of online tuition available for photographers but it is there for everyone to find. I find sound vivid and intriguing. I wish more people would go out and explore the sound of nature. Take your children, give them a set of headphones, tell them to listen quietly and with a bit of luck they'll go quiet as a mouse, intently listening (ok allot of luck). Seriously, so many people are missing a trick or two. Sound can be a window into imagination. Don't all rush out at once and come back with sounds of running water or the quacking of ducks, call those your dry runs or background ambience and file them away somewhere. Offer something different or a classic. Well these are things that I am working on anyway.

I've been unable to find how to post audio clips onto blogger, they only have the option of images or video upload. So for now good old windows movie maker will have to do for this post until I get something sorted. The images are a bit random, and old work of mine but its just a way around posting audio.
Starlings were roosting in a really nice dense sheet of ivy trailing up a wall on the front of a house. We need more ivy too in our urban areas by the way. Some generations have been taught to cut ivy from the base which is a shame as it offers loads of late pollen and supports many insects, plus cutting it won't stop it for long anyway.
The starlings were the main audio the second is less serious. The dog was fine, honest. Its owner kept telling it to be quiet, it would stop, take a few paces and carry on squeaking. I've never heard a dog make that noise before.

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