Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pick up the pace...

Still from Weatheriggs. Second visit but for a filming project instead of photography (well maybe a little photography). This time we ended up inside the squirrel enclosure. Being clambered on by squirrels trying to bury nuts in our jackets and investigate us and all our equipment whilst fighting amongst themselves for posession of the nuts on offer. Its the first time I've seen a squirrel tackle a massive walnut shell! With all this going on the pace was fast. This shot was most likely a little luck with the quickness of the lens providing an edge but I like it, the best shot from the shoot anyway. (just for the record it isn't a grey or a red squirrel but in fact are a different species again, the name of which escapes me. They keep them just to educate the public.)

The macaws were flying today unlike the last time I was there. This is my 2nd best image of the day.

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